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Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith One of the best 2 track releases I've heard in a long time, from another awesome new Toronto band. Solid indie in the vein of Solids, can't wait to hear more from these guys. Favorite track: superior hill - reasonable mountain.
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released May 16, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Colin Young April 20, 2014 at B-Town Sound.



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Track Name: handwashing as a formality
three souls in the wild
living amongst the beasts
drenched in blood and spirits
draped in mud and leaves
savages we all are
at least we can admit it
savages we all are
at least we can be free
to save ourselves from the fall
twisting in the wind so far from it all
trying to find what we once were
tracing circles in the dirt
we're learning to live bit by bit
break your instruments
it's all gone to shit now
break your instruments
it's all gone to shit
so many nights and so many days
we've wasted away we're wasting away
what are we left with?
some sense of urgency?
a fear of moving on?
onto a path unseen?
death still rides a pale horse
and I know that he's calling for us
if you hear the cold winds howling
then you'll know he's calling for us
Track Name: superior hill - reasonable mountain
Here is your light,
here is your legend
engraved in our skin.
We wait for monsters to appear
because we know of the horrors,
of the consequence and horrors
engraved in our skin,
(At) the loss of our sight, we'll know the glory of...

(Being scared) Out of our wits, shaking hunched over,
afraid to come out, afraid to move away.
Out of our minds
As time pushed by, the creatures that we'd dreamed became the creatures that we know.

And over the years, monsters appeared.
They turned into thugs, that turned into banks
then turned into lawyers who fuel our prisons
and fill them with soldiers who call themselves cops.
In subsequent years they said "be loyal"
then cut off our hair, sold it as stock.
Traded our veins, replaced them with oil
pipe-lined through land and poisoned our crops.

So when are you going to draw the line?
Take the gold and devour our wage
Too many years wasted on
Idealizing life as a salary slave

You're still scared of things that you don't know
and that you sought and that you owe.
Trying to remember something decent
Raise the bar and you'll just climb
Higher and higher and higher and higher

Bury me
Of talking cheap